Fox Pools - Lomart Above Ground Pool Dealer

Customize the depth of your pool - Up to 7' deep

Customize the depth of your pool - Up to 7' deep


20 mil Liners Expandable to 7' Deep

Sand Dollar Filter System

Sand Dollar Filter System


Let Fox Pools Put Together an Above Ground Pool Package that Meets Your Family's Budget

Above Ground Pool Options:

  • Solar Heating System
  • Heater or Heat Pump
  • Walk-In Stair
  • Automatic Chlorination
  • Underwater Light
  • Solar Reel
  • Winter Cover
  • Automatic Pool Vacuum
  • Wood Deck

Above Ground Pool Quotes Require a Job Visit for a Firm Quote.

Deposit is Required to Schedule Installation.

Fox Lomart Pool Kits Includes:

  • 20 mil Expandable Liner - Sunset Cove
  • Pentair 150 lb. Sand Filter
  • Pentair Dynamo 2 Speed Pump
  • A-Frame or Deck Ladder - Your Choice
  • Deluxe In-Wall Skimmer & Return
  • Heavy Duty Solar Cover
  • Heavy Duty Extension Pole
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Head
  • Heavy Duty Skimmer
  • Heavy Duty Thermometer
  • Back Wash Hose
  • Chemical/Test Starter Kit
  • Winterizing Aquador


Fox Pools installs the pools that we sell.  We own our own equipment and have our own experienced employees.  When you buy an above ground pool from Fox Pools, you'll work with us through the entire construction process.

Fox Pools has teamed together with Lomart, a Division of Hoffinger Industries, to ensure that you are getting the best above ground pool for your money.  Fox offers a large assortment of round and oval pool models to meet your family's needs.  Lomart pool walls are made from heavier copper bearing steel than the industry standards require amounting in 30 - 60 pounds more weight for superior strength.  The walls to these pools offer exceptional durability, corrosion resistance and weatherization protection to help throughout the harsh winter months.

Fox Pools has Decades of Experience in Above Ground Pool Installation.

Fox Above Ground Installations:

When you purchase an above ground pool kit and installation from Fox Pools we will provide excavation and installation of the pool kit and equipment purchased. This will include all construction materials necessary to complete your pool.  We will pull the necessary permits required, fill the pool with water (fire hydrant or hauled water) and schedule an electrican and/or hvac contractor for you (as quoted) to hook up necessary utilities.

After your pool is completely installed, Fox will schedule an orientation to show you and your family how to operate your equipment so you can maintain your new pool.  Fox will always be just a phone call away if you have any questions.

Fox Pools is Committed to Installing Quality Swimming Pools at a Fare Price